Water and sanitation solutions for rural housing: hands-on training with real-world modules

    On 12-13 October 2017, the BORDA Las Américas team conducted a training workshop titled Implementation of Water and Sanitation Solutions for Rural Housing, addressed to our partners from Fondo para la Paz (Fund for Peace). Held at our regional office in Mexico City, the workshop was a good opportunity to make a practical demonstration of the solution modules’ designs and to get productive feedback from the participants.

    We are now in the second of three phases of a pilot project to develop water and sanitation solutions at the household level in scattered communities in rural Mexico. These solutions comprise multiple modules, including washing stations for clothes and dishes, improvements to existing dry toilettes such as ventilation and handwashing facilities, greywater reuse and disposal, and safe access paths. This year, we have been improving and testing our initial designs in the homes of 21 families who are participating in the pilot project. This is in addition to the 21 families who participated in phase one, bringing our total to 42 households thus far.

    To ensure the successful implementation of phase two’s modules, the October workshop provided training for the module producers from each region as well as members of our partner organization Fondo para la Paz, who supervise the implementation of the project in the field. During the two-day training, the 14 participants engaged in theoretical sessions on the functioning of the modules, coupled with practical sessions that allowed the participants to work on the construction of each module’s components.

    This workshop not only generated a better technical understanding of the pilot project’s water and sanitation solutions, but also triggered discussions and feedback for the final design of this phase's modules, which will now be installed in each participating family’s home.

    A hands-on training workshop held in October at the BORDA Las Américas office in Mexico City facilitated the sharing of know-how with partners and manufacturers to ensure that our solutions work in local people’s homes.

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